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Bituminous Systems

Interex Aliflex MX40
(Waterproof and Solar Reflective as soon as applied)

Superb heavily Aluminised, rapid leafing brush applied Waterproof and Solar Reflective Coating, in one easily applied product. Yes waterproof, Flexible and Solar Reflective applied as one product.
We consider this product to be the very best available in its class anywhere in the world today. Years of research and testing created a product which is simple to apply (No skilled labour required) waterproof as soon as applied and Solar reflective within a few seconds. No longer the need for repetitive coats of material, followed by a final Solar reflective Coating. Aliflex MX40 does it all in a simple one (or sometimes two) coat application.

Outstanding long term protection to all types of roof surfaces. Exceptionally good on steel.

Specifically designed for long term protection and very easy application.
Can save substantial amounts of money due to ease and speed of application plus durability and protection of existing roof surfaces.

Stops corrosion on steel.

25 litre steel drums.

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Interex Interprime
(Bitumen Primer)

General purpose high penetration bitumen based primer. Should be used on all porous or friable substrates, old or aged bitumen surfaces. Greatly improves adhesion and durability of subsequent bitumen waterproof coatings if used as a general primer. Easily applied and quick to dry.

5 - 25 - 200 litre steel drums.

Interex Aquashed
(Waterproof coating)

High quality, brush applied Bitumen based waterproof coating. Contains special fillers and long fibre for durability. Used as a general purpose waterproofing system where speed of application and economy are primary considerations; Interex Aquashed is waterproof immediately after application. May be used with reinforcing scrim in areas where special strengthening is required.

Ideal for remedial, patch repairs, general maintenance or new work.

5 - 25 - 200 litre drums.

Interex Trowel Mastic

A heavy bodied, fibre filled trowelling grade mastic suitable for virtually all roof surfaces. Slightly lighter in consistency than our standard bitumen mastic, to make application

easier using trowels, floats etc. Ideally suitable for maintenance application on damaged roof areas, with multiple hair line cracks, or severe surface degradation. Good for emergency repairs.

1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 25kg steel drums.

Interex LDP 50
(Liquid Damp Proofing Compound)

LDP 50 is a two coat cold applied bitumen damp proofing solution, used for tanking of basement and below ground areas. LDP 50 is also used as a liquid damp proof membrane for solid floors. The product is equally suitable for damp proofing foundation walls, ducts, columns, lintels, beams and similar, above or below ground. LDP 50 retains elasticity. Is unaffected by frost and will not crack or peel. Will form a permanent waterproof barrier provided it is protected from mechanical damage.
Tested and proved as a barrier against Radon gas diffusion.

25 - 200 litre steel drums.

Interex Black
Bitumen Paint

We manufacture Interex Black Bitumen Paint to the Internationally accepted standard B.S.3416 Type 1 Class A and has W.R.C. approval. It is safe to use with potable water systems, to protect tanks, reservoirs and associated equipment which will be in contact with drinking water.
Also used extensively to protect steel from corrosion. Revitalises old and porous roofing membranes, giving them several years extra life. Suitable for application to almost any substrate, Interex Black Bitumen Paint prolongs and extends the life of older roofs.

5 - 25 - 200 Litre steel drums and bulk deliveries where practical.

Interex Feltfast
(Roofing Felt Adhesive)

High quality, high grip adhesive for cold laying of roofing membranes. Easily and quickly applied by brush or spatula. For general use with oxidised bitumen roofing membranes or where heat or flame is not permitted during application. Also used to seal lap joints of previously laid but defective membrane systems.

5 - 25 litre steel drums.

Interex cold
gritting solution

Used as an adhesive where required to bond Solar Dispersing stones/pebbles/chippings/grit to roof surfaces. Is used also to bond weight coat stones to membrane under layer in order to stop insulation loss on inverted roofing systems; due to high wind.

25 - 200 litre steel drums.

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