Header: Interex Aliflex MX40

High Quality Protection for Roofs. Gives long term durability, waterproofing and protection.

Aliflex MX40

High Quality Protection for Roofs

Gives long term durability, waterproofing and protection

One product - One application

Extensively tested to British and International Standards

Solar Reflective
Stops Degradation
Preserves Existing Roofs
Extends old roof life
Saves Money
Rapid Easy Application
Brush, Roller, Spray Application

At Interex International Ltd. we pride ourselves on being able to formulate and produce the very best quality products, designed to meet the performance and financial demands of our customers. For many years we have researched and produced a range of exceptional waterproofing and solar reflective products.

We are therefore very proud to be able to introduce you to Interex Aliflex MX40 multi-function roofing compound. Specifically formulated and designed for durability, versatility and ease of application.

Aliflex MX40 gives you the results others seek to achieve, and economically. Aliflex MX40 is waterproof immediately it is applied, and fully Solar Reflective within ten minutes under most application conditions.

Aliflex MX40 has been subjected to exhaustive and comprehensive testing, the results of some of the tests are given overleaf. Every batch is tested wet, and as an applied coating. Samples are always retained for future evaluation, as we continuously seek to maintain and improve performance.

Test photographs in this brochure are actual, untouched photographs of Aliflex MX40 test panels, and those of a 'Major CompetitorÓ, the panels were tested at the same time, with the same apparatus. We have quite deliberately removed the competitors name to save their embarrassment.

With durability a major factor, we have researched and developed this product, to give ease of application and outstanding performance over many years. Aliflex MX40 has been successfully used on applications and contracts from 5m2 up to 600,000m2.

We are happy to advise you that Aliflex MX40 is by test, the very best in its class.

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