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Non Bituminous Systems

Interex Aquarius

Interex Aquarius is an excellent waterproofing and protective system for almost any substrate. Based on single pack Acrylic Co-polymer Emulsions. Aquarius is easily applied by brush or roller and cures to a highly flexible and durable roof surface. Supplied in five standard colours Red, Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, White.
For contractual and large volume users we can produce Aquarius Rooflex in a further twenty colours.
A consistently good and time proven product giving excellent results without the use of fully skilled labour.

Must not be applied to roof surfaces with less than a two degree pitch.

Must not be applied where long term standing water is a problem (Ponding).

25 litre & 200 litre
steel drums.

Interex Flexane 95
Single Pack Coloured Polyurethane Water- proofing System.

In our opinion the best moisture curing, brush applied Polyurethane Water-proofing system available today. Ready to apply, no mixing or additions required.
Almost odourless when cured, Flexane 95 is simply applied by brush or roller and it cures to a totally seamless, waterproof and highly flexible roof coating. Flexane 95 has an elongation factor of well over 400% when dry.
In the U.K. a fifteen year product quality guarantee is in operation.
After years of research we are confident of offering you the best available.
Colours - Green, Grey, Super White for maximum solar reflection. Also Solar Reflective Aluminium

20kg steel drums.

Flexane Primer Sealer

For use on porous, friable surfaces and steel prior to application of Flexane System.

25 litre steel drums.

Aquarius Colourflex

Aquarius Colourflex is similar in formulation to Aquarius; but is primarily used on (External or Internal) walls, facia panels, cladding sheets etc, to restore and protect the wall surfaces. Simply applied by brush, roller or specific spray equipment Aquarius Colourflex produces a flexible, durable, waterproof and in many cases Solar Reflective surface over existing substrates. Prevents deterioration of walls and facias caused by water, dampness and airborne pollutants.
Available in approximately 20 shades (Subject to quantity requirements).

25 litre & 200 litre steel drums.

Aquarius Primer

On most porous or friable substrates Aquarius may be diluted with up to 30% clean water to create a penetrating and sealing primer. However certain substrates (Such as steel) do require a special primer. Please ask if you are unsure.
Thinned Aquarius must not be used for anything other than priming substrates.

Flexane Sealant
(Cartridge Mastic)

Single component light stable Polyurethane Cartridge Mastic / Sealant. Used for filling holes, cracks, expansion joint and known movement areas, prior to over coating with Interex Flexane 95. Exceptionally good adhesion, flexibility and elasticity.

310ml cartridge. Cartons of 12.

Coal Tar Epoxy
(Intarpoxy CB1)

Intarpoxy CB1 is a two pack (Base + Hardener) brush applied, epoxy coating. Intarpoxy CB1 produces an impervious coating on many substrates including Iron, Steel, Concrete, Masonry, Pipelines, Valves and equipment. When cured Intarpoxy CB1 forms a highly abrasion resistant coating which is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Will not support organic growth, ideal for protection of steel from corrosion in wet crimmersed conditions.

5 litre and 20 litre composite packs (Steel drums).

Interex Clear Silicone
Waterproofer (for walls)

A superb non staining treatment for masonry, brickwork, block work, cementitious renders etc. A simple spray, brush, or flood coat onto the surface to be treated penetrates deep into the substrate before drying. Once dry the treated surface rejects moisture penetration caused by the effects of wind driven rain. Totally colourless when dry; INTEREX CLEAR SILICONE WATERPROOFER is fast, economical and very effective.
Available in Standard and Super grades.

5 - 25 - 200 litre steel drums.

Interex Texethane
(Single pack tar extended Polyurethane)

A well used and proven roofing and protective system, based on Polyurethane and Coal Tar. May be applied to most substrates and forms a seamless rubber like highly durable coating. Smells of Naphtha for some time after application.
Not suitable for lining ponds or fish / crustacean breeding systems or drinking water systems.

20kg steel drums.

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