Header: Interex Aliflex MX40
Image: Interex Aliflex MX40 ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test

Interex Aliflex MX40
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test
1000 Hours at 40

Image: ‘Major Competitor’ ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test

‘Major Competitor’
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test
1000 Hours at 40
Test photographs are actual, untouched photographs of Aliflex MX40 test panels and those of a ‘Major Competitor’, the panels were tested at the same time, with the same apparatus. We have quite deliberately removed the competitors name to save their embarrassment.
Is a high quality, brush, roller or spray applied coating. MX40 has a bitumen base but is modified with specially selected and treated Aluminium compounds.

Manufactured from only the finest quality raw materials, Aliflex MX40 has been subjected to extensive and very severe testing in Urban, City and industrial locations, plus QUV Weatherometer acceleration test equipment.

Aliflex MX40 is easily applied in one coat to most roof surfaces, and is waterproof immediately after application. Within seconds the specially prepared Aluminium in MX40 changes position in the applied coating and then becomes a very bright Satin Aluminium colour.

Aliflex MX40 contains a very special fibre which increases its durability and surface reflectance, offering a high degree of Solar Reflection and subsequent substrate cooling.

Designed to be durable, easy to apply and cost effective, Aliflex MX40 offers the user a remarkable opportunity to protect, waterproof and greatly extend the useful life of existing structures, without the need for skilled labour or long term access with scaffolding.



Aliflex MX40 is applied to almost all known roof surfaces, including Steel, Slate, Asphalt, Concrete, Roofing Felt, Asbestos, Corrugated Tin and Iron sheeting, Lead, Zinc, etc., etc.

Aliflex MX40 is used to protect external walls of concrete and brick storage tanks, tank farms, etc. from water ingression and damage.

Portable office accommodation (Portakabin type) building roofs.

Metal Storage tanks and supporting steelwork, to reduce heat transfer into tanks and pipelines, reducing losses.

The Aliflex MX40 reinforced roofing system - beats bad condition substrates.

In areas where the roof or substrate is known to be in poor condition, friable or porous, a reinforced system should be considered for use. Using this method is also quite simple. A first coat of Aliflex MX40 is applied at approximately 1.4 - 1.8 litres per square metre. While the coating remains wet, Aliflex impregnated reinforcing scrim, is bedded into the applied coating and allowed to dry completely. When completely dry, a further coat of Aliflex MX40 is applied at approximately 0.8 - 1.00 litre per square metre.

For highly porous surfaces, Interex High Penetration Primer Sealer should be used first.

Anti Corrosion

Aliflex MX40 gives outstanding results in the fight against corrosion. We continuously supply Aliflex MX40 for the restoration and long term protection of steel roofs.

Many roofs have had their scheduled life extended by 10 - 15 years by the use of Aliflex.

You can also greatly extend the life of thin gauge corrugated steel sheets, such as those used in urban accommodation areas, storage shelters and 'Long Term' emergency shelters and offices.

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