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Solar Reflective Coatings

See also Aliflex MX40, Aquarius and Flexane 95 which all have Solar Reflective grades.

Thermal Insulation Roof Coatings

Thermaflect C

Specially formulated roof coating which dramatically reduces heat transmission into the surface to which is it applied. Under tests, reductions in heat transfer of up to 33% have been recorded, also offers very good solar reflection properties. This product can be used on most substrates (check with manufacturer for information).


Similar in purpose to Thermaflect C, different specification which offers a less thixotropic grade at an improved price.

Superal 175A

A highly successful waterproofing and solar reflective coating with outstanding durability when applied. Similar in application characteristics to Aliflex but not as technically advanced. Very successful in coastal/marine and exposed applications.

25 litre steel drums.

Snow White No1

A heavily pigmented Super White water based reflective coating. Manufactured on an Acrylic Polymer base, Snow White offers ease of application and outstanding heat reduction in the substrates to which it is applied. Temperature reductions of up to 20íC have been measured.

5 - 25 - 20 litre drums.

Retail, Trade and DIY
(Do it yourself) Products

We offer an extensive range of retail pack products, including solvents, fillers, putty, polishes, oils, linseed oil, French polish, thinners etc. etc.

If you have a specific requirement for DIY or Retail packaging, please ask.

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Aluminium Paint
(Bitumen based)

Again a very superior quality Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint or finishing coat. Bitumen based and heavily filled with the highest quality leafing grade Aluminium flake. The coating when applied cures to a very bright Aluminium reflective finish, which will outlast and outshine all of the contractual grades and others that we have tested it against.
Very bright and long lasting.

5 - 25 - 200 litre steel drums.Our special contractor grade is available on request.

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