Header: Vehicle and Marine Maintenance Products

Our range of products is extensive and cannot possibly be included in total in this brochure. We offer products as diverse as aluminium ladders and access equipment to vermin and pest control products. If you have any particular product requests please send us your enquiry and we will advise you by return.

Interex Polyester/glass fibre bridger repair compound

Polyester resin base with lots of chopped strand glass fibre incorporated. Offers high strength, high bond work, designed for use where severe corrosion has caused holes in bodywork. Used with bridging meshes, foils and mats.

Interex tyre wall black

Gives that 'Show Room' finish to a vehicles tyres.

chassis black

Protects and smartens up vehicles chassis. Cured out the product is not affected by oil, grease, diesel or Kerosene contamination.

Interex beaded
'gel' hand cleanser

Heavy duty hard working hand cleanser containing micro beads to assist rapid removal of heavy contamination.

Interex penetrating
and releasing fluid

Free off seized up nuts, bolts, pins, cables etc in fact any metal components which are difficult to move.

Interex Oxycon

Rust Converter/Primer
(see Interex Rust Prevention section).

To beat the rust problems associated with vehicles and shipping.

Simply wire brush or abrade, down to hard rust, apply and watch the rust change to a black primed surface, ready to take paint. In marine applications surface to be treated with oxycon should be washed with fresh water, after abrading, to remove salt deposits.

Internal and External Corrosion Protection Systems for:

Marine engine lay up - short or long term storage.
Outboard motor lay-up.
Export of vehicle and marine engines.
Transmission systems and gearboxes, etc.
Marine engines and equipment after immersion. (Should always be carried for emergency use).
Standby and emergency generators.
Pumps and hydraulic rams.
Long term parts and spares storage.
Fuel Tanks.
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