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Product List

Interex Damp - Start/De-watering fluids

For dry electrical systems. Makes starting the vehicle easy during damp, cold or wet conditions. Safe to use on complete electrical system including inside the distributor cap.

Interex body
panel waxes

For long term protection from corrosion inside vehicle door panels, frames, sills, etc.

Interex Injection

Super quality anti-corrosion spray wax for use within the frame of the vehicle. Spray head is introduced through 10mm hole in frame. The spray head and tube are then passed well into the frame cavities. Spraying commences as the tube and spray head are slowly withdrawn.

Interex underbody / underfloor
protective wax

For seams/joints, under wheel arches and general underbody panel protection. This superb quality Black spray wax gives lasting underbody protection to vehicles and sea containers.

Interex underseals

for brush or schutz application Quality brushing grades, spray grades and Schutz canisters. Bitumen based/waxed based/anti stone chip etc.

Interex Polyester
body repair filler paste.

Combined kits (Paste and Hardener), easy to use, easy to sand and good feather edging.

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