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B.S. 747

All types available, from perforated base layer; underslating membrane; to mineral finish cap sheets For use with hot bitumen (Pour & Roll) applications.

Torch (Heat) Applied Membranes

Available in SBS and APP from 2-5mm thickness.
High quality polyester reinforced torch membranes Base sheets, Talc, Sand and mineral finish top sheets in various colours.


Felt Adhesive/Lap Cement.Oxidised & Penetration Grade Bitumens

Interseal 100

Bitumen/Polymer adhesive compound fully bonded to cross laminated high density polyethylene sheet. Used extensively for internal and external tanking applications, to prevent ingress of water and water borne salts and sulphides carried in ground water. Temperate and Tropical grades available, Interseal 100 is 1.5mm thick, but we have a range of alternative specifications available.

Rolls 15 metre x 1 metre individually boxed.

Interex Twin-Tak

Originally designed and produced for the roof cladding industry to assist in securing roofing sheets in position. Interex Twin-Tak is now used in various industries where a strong double sided bond is required. Applications such as Securing Road Marker Cones in position, security applications, Road Traffic Studs. Interex Twin-Tak has also been used to bond into position masonry, pillars, stone masonry bust, exhibits, sculptures, etc, etc.

10 metre rolls selected widths.

Interex Flashing Tape

Self adhesive, foil faced, flashing tape in pre-cut widths from 50mm wide. All rolls are 10 metres long and individually packaged. Extensively used to repair cracks, open joints, glazing bars, gutters, lead valleys and flashings. Simply pre-cut the length you require; peel off the release paper an depress firmly into position. Create brand new flashings without skilled labour. Can be used with INTERPRIME on porous surface, to get extra bond strength.
Simple and very effective. Available in Lead colour and bright Silver.

Rolls 10 metres x pre-cut widths from 50mm.

Reinforcing Scrim

Woven glass fibre; Bitumen pre-impregnated or plain.

100 metre x 1 metre rolls.

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