Header: Putty, Fillers, Paints, Sealants, Solvents
Industrial and Domestic Paint finishes

Gloss, Emulsion, Enamels Varnishes, Lacquers, Epoxies, Polyurethane, Hammer Finishes, Stoving Finishes. We can offer an extensive range, please ask for quotations.

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, durable metallic lacquers.

We formulate and produce coatings to meet our customers special requirements.

Paint Strippers
and Removers

Methylene Chloride and non chloride based paint stripper.
Graffiti remover and anti graffiti coatings.


A full range of solvents, including White Spirit, Turpentine Substitute, Methylated Spirits, MEK, Toluene Iso-propyl alcohol, Ethyl alcohol etc., in packaging from 500 ml to bulk deliveries, subject to solvent type.

Linseed Oil Putty

Standard White (Light Beige).
Teak (Brown)
Metal casement Putty.

½kg to 25kg containers.

Multi purpose putty

Suitable for wood , metal, aluminium etc.

½kg to 25 kg containers.

Butyl non-setting
glazing compound

Colours:- Natural, Grey, Teak.

2kg - 5kg -25kg containers.

Flexible decorators filler

A truly outstanding and versatile product for contractor or D.I.Y. use. Supplied in easy to use cartridges. Simple and very effective, remains flexible when dry and can be overpainted with most gloss or emulsion paints. No more mixing, spatulas, or pallets knives.
Colour: Brilliant White.

310ml cartridges.

Cartridge Sealants,
Mastics & Adhesives

Silicone - Low and high modulus. Neutral and Acetoxy curing.

Other types - General Purpose, All Weather, polycarbonate, RTV Silicone, Industrial Silicone, Fire Screen Silicone, Kitchen & Bathroom.

Acrylics: Flexible Decorators Filler, Bath & Shower, Exterior Frame Sealant, Siliconised Acrylic, Acoustic Sealant.

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