Fire Protection, Concrete Chemicals and Admixtures, Adhesives, Woodcare
Fire Protection


Exterior and Interior thin film intumescent coating for steel. Satisfies BS 476 part 21 for universal columns and beams up to 2 hours fire resistance, and hollow sections up to 90 minutes.

Interex Retaflam

Fire retardant for fabrics, curtains, carpets etc. Clear liquid, simple spray or dip application. British and International Standards approvals.

Concrete Chemicals
& Admixtures

From a range of over 2500 formulations we can offer an extensive list of admixtures and chemicals, including the following:

Dry powder and liquid types.
Floor Hardeners, Concrete Waterproofers, Grouts, Cementitious Mixes, Expanding Grout, Resinous Systems. Chemical resistant cements and coatings, Concrete Repair Systems for roads, airfields and structures, etc.

Cement & Concrete Colourants


Contact, Panel, No Nail, PVC Plastic Adhesive, PVA Adhesive & Sealer, Expanding Foam, Epoxy, Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate), Water Resistant Woodworking Adhesive.

Flooring Adhesives

We have a full range of quality adhesives for most floor coverings and flooring situations and will be pleased to offer quotations and advice against your particular requirements.

Industrial paint finishes
Technical coatings
Decorative coatings
Water based paint coatings
Primer coats
Special coatings to customer Specification

Wood Preservatives

Clear and coloured wood preservatives; for protection against Mould and Fungal attack, (Dry Rot/Wet Rot).

Products to protect against wood boring and eating insects.

Coloured and decorative water based wood care products.

British Standard Coal Tar Creosote.

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