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Protects, repairs, waterproofs, stops deterioration and is solar reflective in one easy application.

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Aliflex MX40 is very easy to apply, however good surface preparation is always the key to a successful application.

Building & Structural

Ensure surfaces are clean and dry; remove all vegetation and growing matter such as mosses and grass, etc. Brush the surfaces clear of loose dust and dirt and ensure that all surfaces are free of oil and grease contamination.

If the surface is sound apply a single coat of Aliflex MX40 at a rate of 0.75 - 1.5 litres per square metre. Application rates will vary subject to porosity and surface profile.

If the surface is known to be porous or friable apply a primer sealer coat of our Interex High Penetration Primer. This will bind the surface and penetrate, providing an excellent key for Aliflex.

In most cases a single generous coat will give very good results.

Do not thin the material down for application as this will decrease performance.

Application to Steel

Generally, application to steel is simple and straight forward.

All loose rust / mill scale should be removed down to hard rust or base metal. The surfaces should dry and free of oil and grease contamination.

If required apply a zinc rich primer to badly rusted and damaged areas and allow to dry.

Apply Aliflex MX40 to the steel at a rate of 0.75 - 1 litre per square metre.

Interex Self Adhesive Flashing tape may be used on overlaps and seams if required, prior to the application of Aliflex MX40.

Storage Conditions

Contains Hydrocarbon solvent; store away from naked flame.

Do not store in extremes of temperature, between 5 and 35C is ideal.

Important Application Information

During Application Aliflex MX40 appears Bronze in colour.

This is correct, please do not continue to brush out in an effort to make it go silver.

This has the reverse effect of keeping the Aluminium mobile within the coating, and preventing 'Leafing Migration' of the raw materials.

Simply apply the coating where you want it, and leave it alone. The coating will change to full Aluminium colour in a few minutes.

Please Note!
Advice on the application of Aliflex is free of charge; and we are here to help you. Contact us at any time for advice on your particular application requirements.

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